The influence of creativity on the life of stick master Mečislovas Ežerskis


  • Jurga Sajenkienė Vytautas Magnus University, Master's student of the Comparative Cultures study program
  • Jurgita Macienė Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija / Higher Education Institution, Lithuania; Assoc. Prof. of the Department of Management and Communication, PhD



stick, hobby, folk art, autobiographical narrative


The article analyzes how the everyday staple most needed by the elderly - a walking stick - becomes an invaluable museum exhibit, how walking sticks can be classified according to various aspects, and what are the most prominent features that distinguish them from one another. In addition, based on filmed and written sources, mostly based on oral interviews, questions are raised: what types (according to different typologies) of sticks does the folk artist M. Ežerskis create? What influence does the hobby of carving sticks have on the life of master M. Ežerskis? The answer to these questions is sought by the research with the help of content (content) analysis and biographical methods currently popular in the humanities: attention is paid to certain distinctive features of the content and expression of the stories, which allow to reconstruct the essential components of the informant's self-concept.


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Sajenkienė, J., & Macienė, J. (2024). The influence of creativity on the life of stick master Mečislovas Ežerskis. Applied Scientific Research, 3(1), 225–238.