Community building benefits in rural Lithuania: a practical perspective


  • Rasa Pavarienė Chairperson of the Žvėrynas community, Vilnius, Lithuania



rural community building, economic benefit, cultural benefit, social benefit


Building communities in rural areas is an important factor in social and economic development. The purpose of this article is to analyze the benefits of community building in rural areas of Lithuania. The literature review discusses the concept of rural community, examines the content of the benefits of creating rural communities, and the research part analyzes the results of semi-structured interviews collected from communities in rural areas of Lithuania. The study found that building rural communities strengthens social ties and reduces social isolation. The community initiatives such as local markets and craft centers help create new business opportunities and jobs, increasing local income and encouraging entrepreneurship. In addition, communities, in cooperation with local authorities and international organizations, can receive financial support, which allows developing infrastructure and improving the quality of services. From a cultural point of view, organized festivals and other events help to maintain and popularize traditions, strengthen community identity and attract tourists.


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Pavarienė, R. (2024). Community building benefits in rural Lithuania: a practical perspective. Applied Scientific Research, 3(1), 218–224.