Assessment of the competitiveness of countries


  • Aistė Padgureckienė Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija / Šiauliai State Higher Education Institution



country competitiveness, World competitiveness index


The article examines the theoretical aspects of assessing the competitiveness of countries and, based on the data of the global competitiveness index compiled by the Swiss International Institute of Management, analyzes in detail the ten most competitive countries in the world. The analysis of the index was carried out taking into account different aspects of the countries' competitiveness in 2018-2022, showing the highest and lowest national positions in the fields of knowledge, technology and readiness for the future. Analysis of competitiveness assessments and comparison with other countries helps to identify problem areas due to which the national level of competitiveness is insufficient.

Keywords: country competitiveness, determinants of competitiveness, ranking, World competitiveness index.


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Padgureckienė, A. (2023). Assessment of the competitiveness of countries. Applied Scientific Research, 2(1), 17–25.